At Airport Plaza Bowl our goal is to make your party memorable. Our mantra is “Your Party, your way!”

Airport Plaza Bowl has the only private V.I.P Bowling Room in Southern Illinois



Bowling centers are the #1 birthday party destination for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. Now with our bowling dragon ball ramps children as young as 3 can join in on the fun!

$12.95 / Bowler

  • 2 hr bowling party
  • shoe rental
  • 2 pitchers of soda (per 5 bowlers)

$15.95 / Bowler

  • 2 hr bowling party
  • shoe rental
  • 2 pitchers of soda (per 5 bowlers)
  • 1 16 inch 1 topping pizza (per 5 bowlers)


  • Birthday Bowling Pin $15
  • Large 1-topping Pizza $15


Keep on rolling with your bowling buddies at Airport Plaza Bowl where it’s your party, your way!


Why You Should Host Your Fundraiser with Airport Plaza Bowl

At Airport Plaza Bowl you can raise funds and have fun at the same time! Hosting your fundraiser at APB is a great and unique way to get people involved in your event.

With wholesome entertainment, delicious food and drinks, and fun for all ages, we make it easy for you to get donors in the door and keep the entertained.

Putting a charity event together can require a lot of organizing and planning – we want to make sure your event goes smoothly. APB offers party planners that will put together a perfect fundraiser designed specifically for you and your guests. We will help you with everything from food and drink packages to preparing games and activities.

Here are a few advantages to hosting your fundraiser at APB

  • We offer food and drink packages customized for your fundraising participants.
  • Bowling, tournaments and other games will keep your guests interacting and entertained – people who are having fun will stay longer and feel good about their donation.
  • People of all ages and backgrounds can participate, leading to a bigger crowd and great word-of-mouth PR about your cause.
  • With temperature-controlled, indoor play and activities in our event facility, you never have to worry about weather affecting your event. We never have rain outs!!
  • Our experienced party professionals will help you feel like a professional fundraiser.
  • Bowling has proven to be one of the most effective ways to not only host a fundraising event, but offer an opportunity for networking opportunities and strike up new friendships.

Start planning now, not later

Tips for Planning a Successful Fundraiser

Putting together a successful fundraiser doesn’t have to be hard.

Here are a few tips that will keep things running smoothly.

  • Get the word out: Make sure as many people as possible know about your fundraiser. Pass out flyers, hand posters, contact local television and radio stations, post the information on free sites like Craigslist, and send out an Evite to multiple guests.
  • Provide other ways for guests to donate money in addition to donating to your event. Consider holding a raffle, silent auction or tournament. Also, offer the option to give money after the fundraiser is over by providing envelopes or an online link to a donation site.
  • Make sure your financial goal is clear. Post a sign that shows your progress toward your goal such as a big thermometer or chart.
  • Help guests understand the importance of your cause. Provide stories, pictures and anecdotes about the person, family or organization you are raising money for.
  • Encourage guests to interact with one another. Consider inspiring some friendly competition and building team spirit through fun activities like games and contests.
  • Keep it fun! Put together an event theme and decorate the facility or encourage guests to dress in costume.
  • Provide prizes and awards to guests for everything from best score to most gutter balls. You can give them traditional trophies or you can make them fun and silly – be creative!
  • Last, but not least, be sure to follow up with your donors and guests to thank them.

APB can help you with these details and more.
Call (618) 377-2131 to speak with one of our party planners.



Your party, your way. Bowling centers are the number one birthday party destination for kids between the ages of 5 and 12!



Keep on rolling with your bowling buddies at Airport Bowl!



Delicious food, ice cold drinks, and outstanding service await you!



Make your next corporate event, birthday party, or other social gathering a memorable one with help from your friends at Airport Plaza Bowl!